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Installation Steps For Knob

- May 08, 2017 -

1. First of all to judge whether the screw with the right, some screws in the production process of the machine out of the wire is wrong, oblique twist to go up, and the upper nut mouth to do not, let you toss is not an encore.

2. Find the screw of the thread, align the parts

3. The reinforcement of the plastic pad by the top of the screw,

4. The screw of the sleeve is pressed to the small hole in the lid.

5. The one hand holds the screws, the steel bowl is flat on the pot cover.

6. Toppin pot cover, put on the butterfly bakelite pieces.

7. The final outfit is decorated and can be fixed with small steel caps, with a screwdriver tightened, beautiful Gai good.

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